Business Design & Digital Transformation with ARIS

Our services are focused on delivering tangible outcomes, such as cost-efficiency, improved NPS, and reduced risk, with a careful and justified use of technology, only with a clear purpose. We utilise industry leading software platforms, ARIS and Alfabet, to capture business design in the form of a ‘Digital Twin’. The Digital Twin are live blueprints of your business. Any changes you make to the current operations or developing a new strategy for future state, ARIS enabled Digital Twin provides a pinpointed analytical and review capability to make evidence-based decisions.

Digital Twin assigns a clear purpose to the holistic business design, thereby orienting the enterprise towards a common goal, and common understanding. Digital transformations that are based on Digital Twins can tremendously improve the success rate of Digital change. We have case-studies from around the world and from the last 20+ years to prove it.



Setting up Common Organisational Goals

Business Architecture, strategy development, and performance goals must be driving the Digital design for clear customer outcomes. Our management consultants provide strategy, policy and business improvement advice, and develop a single-source-of-truth for business design for common goals.

Our Lean Six Sigma experts provide ARIS-enabled methodologies for greater end-to-end visibility and transparency within your business operations.

Simple, Intuitive & Efficient Process Modelling

The process of process-modelling is greatly automated with auto-import from Excel, Word, or even a hand-drawn image. ARIS has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with one of the shortest learning curves.
We provide a management consulting enabled process modelling and analysis service for goal-oriented process models. Speed up design and improve processes easily via a modern, friendly UI that has pictogram-style objects and intuitive process design. Smart modelling supports quick and easy process design to increase efficiencies.

System agnostic Business Design

Commonly, the business requirements and customer expectations are captured once a target system or software-platform is identified. This puts the system and its constraints as drivers and not the organisational priorities. Don’t let the tail wag the dog.

ARIS puts the pyramid back in the right order, with Business goals driving the Business Design, and the Business Design driving ICT investment and capability development. ARIS enables a truly business driven IT, by clearly separating the execution platforms from the Design.

Simulating Change for Effective Decisions

We have infused the industry practices in Customer and end-user experience management with ARIS based simulation and analysis capabilities to develop an ideal way to operationalise Design Thinking.
ARIS enables an end to end simulation and analysis capability to tightly link change with people, process, technology, policy and risk aspects.

Think of making changes on the Digital Twin for accurate impact analysis and innovative design ideas, to identify the best way forward for making the change happen. It is all about People.

Collaboration & Communication for Success

Our approach utilises human- centric design-thinking methods to continuously improve operational maturity. We utilise ARIS to enable our approach, with ARIS capabilities relating to social media styled collaboration, communication and cooperation.

Imagine change initiatives that are driven by people and their collective, coordinated efforts. This addresses the biggest reason why IT programs fail – a lack of common goals and understanding of requirements.

Industry Standards & Practices

Our consulting team has an in-depth experience in industry better practices, guidelines, and policies. We depend on ARIS for capturing, sharing, and deriving customised processes for our clients that are based on the industry standards, such as ISO55000, ISO19650, and ISO9001.

Compliance to standards is just a by-product. Our success is measured by improvements in organisational maturity, customer and employee experience, and business outcomes. ARIS is the best platform for us to enable our clients deliver the intended benefits from these standards.

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