Customer Experience & User Centered Design

A good business and solution design requires a great customer strategy and understanding. A great Customer journey requires best of the breed business processes. It is about looking at the resources and the infrastructures that are required for execution, the environment in which the process operates and the important decisions that must be made. A good process design should identify all of those that have a significant effect on the customer or the business.
Therefore, we use and recommend ARIS to build and manage business processes that can handle the complex interrelationships of staff, customer, systems, digital channels, and a human-centric design. There is a reason why customer-centric organisations, such as Coca-cola, use ARIS for managing their complex business processes.

Customer Centric Experience

Put customers at the heart of your business. With ARIS customer journey mapping, your processes will result in a positive customer experience. See your business from the customer’s point of view, unveil new ways to satisfy customer needs.
Identify gaps, issues and opportunities in your processes that affect how customers feel about doing business with you. Successful process change and IT change-initiatives are made possible with customer-centric design, enabled by ARIS and Alfabet.

Effortless Change Management

How well you roll out new business processes and manage change is critical to your digital transformation and to positioning your organisation for the future. With ARIS, we can quickly roll out operating procedures and policies organisation-wide in a shared, single source of truth to ensure alignment. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can contribute to your transformation to make your business processes the best in the world.
Documents, videos and policies provide guidance on the ideal way to execute a job. They define how to get work done in your organisation.

Actionable Insights for Design and Decisions

The best decisions are based on reliable and complete data—yet the volume of business data you have changes daily. You need to transform that data into something meaningful for your business.
ARIS makes that possible. Mix documented processes with real measurements from dashboard sources for new insights into your processes and their dependencies. Query, analyse and visualize dependencies to make critical decisions faster.

Democratise Process Design for Effective Change

We believe in and follow an inclusive approach when it comes to change. Our approach involves making collaboration and information sharing effortless. ARIS offers a friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to access and consume information about their business roles with the right level of detail.
Everyone, even people without business process modeling skills, can contribute knowledge during the content creation process and discuss processes within groups.

Collaboration & Communication for Success

Our consulting-led approach unlocks the power of collaborative process improvement by empowering anyone, anytime, anywhere to collaborate. We get everyone on the same page through transparency and communication, recognising potential fears of employees, and create a common mindset throughout the company using an ARIS-enabled flexible portal with role-based access.
We establish enterprise-wide policies and workflows by automating governance processes. Use a model-driven approach to roll in requirements and roll out solutions

Enterprise Management Systems

Our consulting team has an in-depth experience in industry better practices, guidelines, and policies. We use ARIS to enable the nine essential elements of an enterprise management system (EMS) to build a solid foundation for change.
Combine traditionally disparate management systems into one single source of truth to ensure effective operations and a smooth transformation. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with an EMS that provides effective BPM so you can communicate the strategy to everyone.

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