Optimising SAP Programs

SAP platform can provide fantastic capabilities for businesses if implemented and adopted correctly. More often than not, Businesses find that in absence of an SAP or IT-agnostic business-design or digital-twin of their To-Be, future state, the system is built with fragmented and disjointed capabilities. SAP is a fantastic off-the-shelf solution that is only as good as the business-design driving the architecture and implementation of the SAP solutions.
To ensure business processes are reflected in your SAP solution with high quality and minimal risk, we use ARIS for SAP Solutions to connect SAP landscape with Business Design. ARIS offers deep integration with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enable Now and automatically creates process-based tests in for conducting end-to-end testing in SAP.
ARIS defines and support requirements for successful migration to SAP S/4 HANA. Integrate to SAP Enable Now for better employee training.

Business driven SAP Blueprints

We specialize in developing holistic process architecture and operating model, with an IT agnostic mindset and a focus on voice-of-customer, user experience, and business and strategic goals. The business-design, hence developed in ARIS, is then analysed to perform a fit-gap analysis with SAP functionalities and RICEFs.
ARIS allows you to link strategic information, such as value-chain diagrams and organisational charts, to your business architecture to improve processes.

Successful SAP Programs are Process-Driven

We utilise ASAP and ARIS based methodology that focuses on BPM and SAP reference contents. A bi-directional Synchronisation between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager allows for business-requirements and SAP functional-requirements to be completely in alignment, traceable, and measurable.
We use ARIS for documentation & analysis of all business requirements, and integration of roles, responsibilities and RICEFs Automatic document generation, such as Blueprints and RICEF specifications.

Business Process Analytics for SAP

ARIS allows you to model key activities, partners and resources, value propositions, customer relationships, customer segment channels, cost structures as well as revenue streams.

We utilise ARIS Process mining, ARIS performance dashboards, and ARIS Simulation capabilities to not only drive the SAP implementation but also monitor the SAP-enabled business operations in BAU.

ARIS provides a fast and efficient way to map strategy and processes to SAP and non-SAP systems, to automate for higher productivity, effective performance monitoring and continuous improvement.

Train staff with ARIS & SAP Enable Now

We believe in and follow an inclusive approach when it comes to change. Our approach involves making collaboration and information sharing effortless. ARIS offers a friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to access and consume information about their business roles with the right level of detail.
Everyone, even people without business process modeling skills, can contribute knowledge during the content creation process and discuss processes within groups.

On-demand Procedures & Work-instructions

Our consulting-led approach unlocks the power of collaborative process improvement by empowering anyone, anytime, anywhere to collaborate. We get everyone on the same page through transparency and communication, recognising potential fears of employees, and create a common mindset throughout the company using an ARIS-enabled flexible portal with role-based access.
We establish enterprise-wide policies and workflows by automating governance processes. Use a model-driven approach to roll in requirements and roll out solutions

True Digitisation and Automation

ARIS provides an overarching view of “what” needs to be built. With ARIS-enabled BPM perspective, SAP is one of the execution platforms for bringing the To-Be business designs to life.
ARIS based business-design contains SAP and other execution platform related designs, providing a single source of truth. ARIS sends SAP components from the design to SAP Solution Manager, Hana, or Enable Now.
Additionally, within ARIS, RPA-enabled bots can be built into your processes at a desktop or server and can be deployed in days —with no integrations or changes to your systems and applications.

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