Process mining & Performance Management

To make informed business and ICT investment decisions, you need a full 360-degree view of your business. We use our Lean Six Sigma methods and ARIS “Process Mining” capability to help you understand how your processes operate at the grass-root level. The Process Mining technology utilises data science discipline for analysing the footprints of process execution, for example, in system logs, and producing truly informative and analytical insights.
When you look at your company’s success you usually look at financial indicators like revenue, turnover and profit. When these figures fail to meet expectations, take a look at your business processes. In our fast-changing digital world, it’s essential to know your processes from start to finish—to see the root causes of process problems. That way you’ll know where to take immediate action to improve business performance.

Continuous Improvement

We follow holistic methods for continuous improvement, such as Lean Six Sigma, Activity Based Costing (ABC), and process re-engineering.
We use ARIS to see, act and decide on business process changes. ARIS automatically discovers end-to-end processes and compares them with “To-Be” process design for greater transparency and in-depth analysis.
Run ad-hoc snapshot analyses by simply uploading data logs with process traces into ARIS. Determine the right actions to improve process adoption rates, training initiatives or changes in IT implementations.

Root-Cause Analysis

ARIS Process mining reviews interdependencies to find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. Compare designed processes to as-is processes to see if they execute as planned and make changes, pro-actively. Simulate and analyse process scenarios to determine the best path to improvement.
What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Try our ARIS Process Mining and Lean Six Sigma based continuous improvement approach for making tangible improvements.

Reduce operational costs

Our consultants have worked with clients from various industries, sectors, and scale, to improve the operational efficiency and reduce waste/costs.

We use ARIS to look for patterns and anomalies, for discovering process weaknesses and opportunities for business process improvements. Perfecting internal processes can reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase speed-to-market for delivering value-added experiences to customers. Operational Excellence by design.

Compliance Check and Quality Control

Often business leadership sponsors change projects to achieve certain compliances and quality-levels, with a view to improve organisational maturity. However, often at the grass root level, these become a quest for a certificate. We use ARIS to ensure compliance by establishing a benchmark for a specific process in ARIS, requiring departments to facilitate stakeholder agreement and adhere to the process.

ARIS easily analyses variations in standard processes and benchmarks process KPIs for as-is and to-be processes.

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