Behavioural Intelligence

Behavioural intelligence is the cornerstone of proactive insider risk reduction and detection. It is a structured approach to the collection, analysis and interpretation of information and observations about people within a work context.  Behavioural intelligence analysts use variety of methods drawn from psychology, communication theory, anthropology and other human and data sciences to make sense of the complex patterns of human interactions.

A combination of good leadership and management practices, evidenced-based assessment and technology solutions can provide you with the tools needed to prevent insider attack. Organisations need to take the opportunities presented during recruitment, training, performance reviews, and exit interviews to be more proactive in detecting key risk factors, discourage disaffection and identify those who may be at risk for executing an insider attack.

Organisational Behavioural intelligence services provide decision makers with concise and actionable intelligence to address a wide range of personnel and cultural challenges. Structured and methodical, it allows senior decision makers to avoid the traps of pre-existing biases through the use of objective evidence in understanding the existing culture of the organisation and the attitude of their employees in order to address difficult situations, tackle organisational conflict and gain acceptance for organisational change.

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