Digital Asset-information management (DAIM)

Asset management is the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of built environment assets. Effective asset management requires an effective management of asset-information at all levels of an organisation. For instance the digital-information relating to assets are created and utilised in planning, controlling and monitoring of asset performance that combines management, financial, economic and other activities and practices.

Over the past decade, Building Information Modelling (BIM), as an intelligent 3D model-based process to inform and communicate project decisions, has received much attention in the design and construction stages of buildings and transport infrastructure. However, the use of BIM for asset management has only recently been recognised in terms of its benefits to managing assets when using 3D models.

Sustainable Built Environment National Research Council (SBEnrc) has developed material that can be used directly by industry practitioners in increasing the level of use of BIM-based technologies in the implementation or improvement of asset management systems within their organisations.

Gathering information for assets for which there are no previous digital records is a challenging task. Starting with the end requirements in mind is critically important, so as to avoid the gathering of unnecessary information. The capture of 3D information can be performed in three different ways:

  1. Taking onsite measurements and creating a BIM model directly from the measurements. This works well for simpler structures and rectilinear geometries;
  2. Using photogrammetry. Taking many overlapping photos and using photogrammetry software to build the 3D geometry through complex geometric calculations.
  3. Using a laser scanner, for which there exist several technologies.
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