About Us

Established in 2016 by ex Big4 and Banking sector management consultants, VCG operates nationally in Australia.

We specialise in Digital Transformation, Digital Engineering, user-centered design thinking, Project management, and software development. Our approach focuses on value-driven Business outcomes. Our risk-reward based approach assures high return-on-investment from our services.

We offer turn-key solutions, including proof-of-concept and MVP development to validate High-level designs. Our co-design studio offers facilities, working space, conducive environment, and access to specialists for all things Digital.

Digital can be an effective differentiator and strategy-enabler, provided the change is people-driven.

Why choose us

Value-driven Delivery

Every advice that we provide or any piece of work that we deliver is analysed thoroughly for the value it delivers, including the direct and indirect benefits to you and your end-customer,

Strategic Alignment & Business-focus

Our management consulting based approach enable us to analyse and assess information from a strategic perspective. We strive for closely aligning change initiatives with the strategic goals.

Digital Focus

We utilise the latest technologies in our Digital Studio to co-design solutions with our clients. We specialise in and support strategic adoption of such technologies as AI, VR, AR, 3D and Drones.

Experience & Expertise

Our experience in the diverse fields of business management, consulting, Finance, Digital Transformation and IT implementation enable us to deliver turn-key solutions at one stop shop.

User-centered Design

The return-on-investment and ‘value’ delivered by an investment can only be defined from what the end-customer perceives to be of value. Hence user-centred design thinking is critical.

Value for Money

We have confidence in our ability to deliver valuable outcomes and to be able to put ourselves in your shoes to deliver what is expected of us. We offer risk-sharing based proposals.

Our mission

We strive to realise better outcomes from Digital initiatives. In our experience, there are a few common underlying root-causes that are responsible for the failure or only a limited success of such programs. Our mission is to improve the collective understanding of the importance of planning and evaluating design decisions from value perspective.

In our experience, the key factors contributing towards the success of change initiatives and overall maturity of an organisation, are:

  • Focus on outcomes and results, instead of the time spent
  • Considering the direct and indirect impacts, across the entire value-chain
  • Identifying and prioritising the key value-drivers and strengths in an organisation
  • Utilising people-power through motivation and behavioural change
  • Leadership at all levels and parts of the organisation
  • Customer-centric focus and a clear understanding of what constitutes ‘value’

Our experience

Digital Strategy & Design 91%
BPM, AI, Analytics & Reports 83%
Digital Engineering, BIM & Asset Management 79%
IT Implementation & Microsoft Technologies 72%
Behavioural Intelligence, Nudge and Change Management 73%

Looking to get more out of your Digital initiatives?