ARIS BPM & Alfabet EAM
Business process transformation

Imagine 301% ROI over three years according to The Total Economic Impact™ study*

Why ARIS for business process transformation?

ARIS has been the #1 business process analysis (BPA) and Business Design software solution for successful digital transformation. Rated as a leader by Gartner, ARIS offers unparallel ability to capture, inter-link and manage various aspects of the organisation, including people, processes, technology, data, strategy and customer.

ARIS offers true business process transformation via tightly managed and controlled change. Designing your business to make processes transparent and controlled while managing risk and compliance. With ARIS, you can create, manage and analyze your end-to-end business processes, enabling operational excellence and giving all stakeholders the tools and process insights they need to make better decisions every day. VCG Digital has extensive experience in realising tangible value using ARIS.

Level up your enterprise reality with ARIS

What would you like to do today?

Business design & strategy

Design and align your operations with your business strategy.

Business automation & connectivity

Automate and execute your business processes
(SAP, IoT, and RPA).

Rollout & change management

Plan for, manage and roll out change across your organization.

Process mining & analysis

Explore your data for valuable insights and analyze the results.

Risk & compliance management

Ensure compliance, assess, manage and reduce risk.

ARIS customers - truly connected enterprises

Airbus Defence and Space needed to take a centralized, user-centric approach to their business process management. They chose ARIS.
See how Encevo reduced its procurement process time by 60% with ARIS for process mining.
Vodafone uses ARIS to centralize business process management and standardize processes necessary for operational excellence.

"Getting ARIS is like hiring the world’s best player to join your team. ARIS makes governance, staff training, internal communications and your job easier."

Department Head, Business Process Management, Fibabanka

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Business Transformation with ARIS and VCG Digital

Unlock the power of process excellence with ARIS

*The Total Economic Impact™ of Software AG's ARIS is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Software AG