Immersive Technologies: 2D/3D modelling, Virtual/Mixed Reality and 3P Printing

Digital engineering is the art of creating, capturing and integrating data using a digital skillset

From drawings to simulations and 3D models, engineers are increasingly using advanced technologies to capture data and craft design in a digitised environment. Through progressive applications, the art of digital engineering enables designers to explore possibilities and develop innovative solutions in a virtual environment.

Gaming technology, augmented and virtual reality as well as 3D are having a huge impact on how the vision for major infrastructure and built environment projects are being communicated to project stakeholders, including Government, investors and the public

While 3D models are considered as the most comprehensible form of digital engineering, it is the computable data behind the model that opens the window to vast possibilities and opportunities. Once the design is finished, the digital information can be utilised by the construction and operations teams, allowing them to unlock its potential by manipulating the data for their advantage and for the community they are building for.

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